stcChain is aimed to disrupt the Internet of Things landscape designed on Web 2.0 and transition it to the next-generation of Economy of Things enabled by Web 3.0 technology.

academy from stc initiative to build innovative B2B2X Enterprise Blockchain Use Cases for educational purposes in business and smart city services.

Get the best performance compared with public Ethereum-Based Testnets and build your first secured dApp on stcChain stack hosted in stc Cloud.

Lots of chain features and ready-made use cases for you to learn & test your unique business case within a user friendly PoC environment.
Totally hosted on stc Cloud and distributed on multiple regional zones.

Easy to Use

Easily configurable IoT scenarios and Smart Contracts templates using OpenZeppelin libraries.

Clean & Optimal Design

Layer-1 Blockchain Network based on Hyperledger Besu PoA/IBFT2 for secure dApp interactions.

99.99% chain uptime

stcChain is operated by multiple nodes to provide an added redundancy, security and immutability.

Secured Server Nodes

stcChain nodes are secured from tampering and hosted on most reliable VM servers in stc Cloud.

24/7 group support

stcChain is supported by our Blockchain Special Interest Group (BSIG) members.

Live Chat Support

You can reach our development team using our Slack channel @

Several Transaction-Based Revenue Share Models can be used and charged based on QitafX Utility Tokens (QFX) for chain transaction counts, IoT Smart Sensors and Smart Contracts’ creations & submissions. Ability to exchange tokens with qitaf loyalty points.

30 QFX/plan

best for prototyping use

  • 5+2 Smart Contracts
  • 100 Transactions/Month
  • 5 IoT Smart Sensors
  • 1x ERC20 Wallet Contract
  • 1x ERC721 Tx Contract
  • No Custom Chains
  • stcChain Testnet


150 QFX/plan

best for collaborative use

  • 20+2 Smart Contracts
  • 500 Transactions/Month
  • 20 IoT Smart Sensors
  • 1x ERC20 Wallet Contract
  • 1x ERC721 Tx Contract
  • Single Custom cityChain
  • stcChain Testnet


1,300 QFX/plan

best for business use

  • 50+2 Smart Contracts
  • 5000 Transactions/Month
  • 50 IoT Smart Sensors
  • 1x ERC20 Wallet Contract
  • 1x ERC721 Tx Contract
  • 2 Custom cityChains
  • stcChain Mainnet


9,000 QFX/plan

best for educational use

  • 500+2 Smart Contracts
  • 50,000 Transactions/Month
  • 500 IoT Smart Sensors
  • 1x ERC20 Wallet Contract
  • 1x ERC721 Tx Contract
  • 10 Custom cityChains
  • stcChain Mainnet


AI-Assisted Smart Sensors’ Generation

Smart contract-based sensors generated and audited by AI can improve Standardization, Privacy, Security, and Scalability of Collected Data. Consequently, data management in smart cities could be optimized by increased interoperability of its services provided to citizens. stcChain storage has the advantage that data is always available on-chain and can be restored from any node at any time.

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Urban Gamification Modeling

Implementing game mechanisms such as ranking, scores, badges, levels, awards, and virtual tokens in dApps to stimulate public participation and acceptable social behavior of society in various issues and areas of city life. The concept of gamification, appeared in the last years, means the use of typical game elements in the context of another activity to motivate citizen engagement and achieve certain goals.

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Privacy with your own Self-sovereign identity

Decentralized Identity (DiD) and/or Self Sovereign Identity (SSI) is a new cryptographic technology that enables entities to assert ownership of their identity, where the identity remains private and not disclosed during transactions in decentralized ecosystems.

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Dedicated and Secured Servers for your Private Chains & 5G Enablement to your IoT Devices.

Get the best speed for your custom chains. Communicate your transactions and messages over 5G technology through secured and immutable sensory data. Stream your IoT data securely with other parties. Build your insights & analytics in stcChain trusted platform. Scale big with stc enhanced nation-wide coverage.

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Super fast customization for your private chains and dApp prototyping on Testnet.

Get started fast with stcChain integrated distributed App development environment. stcChain Blockchain network nodes are distributed in multiple zones and data centers kingdom-wide.

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stcChain is aligned with major Standards Development Organizations (SDOs) on achieving Smart City Sustainable Development Goals utilizing Blockchain Technology